Currently working at UHURU Design, Head Designer of Workplace and Systems Design. Designing and engineering products for modularity in the workplace to be manufactured at mass scale using minimal parts and installer friendly assembly. 

Formally trained in industrial design, designing and engineering furniture, systems and home product. I believe design is a journey, finding the balance between material, form and clever construction, understanding design for mass production, keeping cost at an appropriate level without sacrificing quality, construction and material. Hands on in approach and practice, designing through discovery, I like to personally prototype to understand why we interact with objects the way we do to make good design great.

IKDF Studio was founded in 2010, consulting in product design in addition to designing and producing independent products. Originally manufacturing in small batch domestic production, and grew to larger quantities involving volume production overseas. Designing injection molded plastic objects, bent plywood & solid wood furniture, and extensive metal parts. Gaining an understanding for design in mass production.

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I am passionate about working for and with design driven companies, brands and designers. I collaborate on projects big and small. With a success rate of 36 private label products to hit the mass market. Creating objects and furniture that have debuted at shows in Milan, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. I look for the future adventure in new and exciting design.



Through independent and full-time employment Isaac Krady has worked with the following brands: